2021 EPA Green Chemistry Challenge Award Winner!


Powerful, Natural Performance. 1,4-Dioxane-Free!

Colonial Chemical, Inc. is a winner in the 2021 EPA Green Chemistry Challenge Awards Program in the focus area of The Design of Greener Chemicals. Colonial Chemical is recognized for developing Suga®Boost surfactant blends that use more environmentally friendly chemicals than traditional cleaning surfactants. Suga®Boost surfactants consume less energy to create, are biodegradable, and are derived from plant-based materials, with performance that demonstrates potential to replace EO-containing surfactants such as SLES and APEs. For more information, go to www.epa.gov/greenchemistry.

Suga®Boost performance surfactants can significantly raise the cleaning performance over traditional surfactants such as DDBSA, SLES, and NP-9, particularly in removing food soils, animal grease, and protein soil. SugaBoost surfactants demonstrate effectiveness for use in food services, food processing applications, hospitality services, floor/carpet care, kitchen, bathroom, health care, public facilities, and transportation cleaning.

SugaBoost products have very mild characteristics in comparison to high irritation or regulated surfactants, such as sulfates, alcohol alkoxylates, Coco DEA, and betaines.

SugaBoost performance surfactants have broad applications in multiple household and industrial applications to meet demands for high performance green formulations.


  • Greatly enhanced performance over traditional surfactants in many HI&I applications
  • Based on patent-pending technologies in synergy of naturally-derived components
  • Variety of chemistries that meet different formulation and performance demands
  • Compatible with majority of surfactants
  • Mild to eyes, very mild characteristics for skin contact
  • EO/PO Free, No VOCs
  • Free of Prop 65 components (1,4-Dioxane, DEA, DCA)
  • Broad regulatory approvals, globally registered in major markets
  • Meets criteria for EU Detergents Regulation (EC) 648/2004 (050 only)


SugaBoost products are used in the development of multiple household and industrial applications to meet demands for high-performance green formulations such as:

Suga®Boost 030

  • Hand and auto dish
  • Food processing equipment
  • Hard surface care
  • Pot and pans
  • Kitchen care
  • Grill and smokehouse
  • Toilet bowl cleaning
  • Floor and tile cleaning
  • Hospital and senior houses
  • Hospitality services

Suga®Boost 050

  • Laundry (home and commercial)
  • Exterior washes (siding, roofs, decks)
  • Transportation cleaning (boats, trains, airplanes)
  • Hand soaps and facial washes
  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • Emulsion polymerization

Functionalized Alkyl Polyglucoside

Suga®Boost 030 US (TSCA), EU (REACH), Canada (NDSL)
Suga®Boost 050 US (TSCA), EU (REACH), Canada (NDSL), Australia (AIIC)