July 6, 2022

Suga®Fax D10NC Gets OSPAR OCNS Gold Band (lowest hazard)

Colonial Chemical is pleased to announce a recent regulatory update for one of its leading products. The Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme (OCNS) team has reviewed information about Suga®Fax D10NC for use as a lubricant, foaming agent, stabilizing agent, corrosion inhibitor and/or dispersant during offshore drilling operations involving 100% environmental discharge and in accordance with the Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF). Suga®Fax D10NC received a Hazard Quotient between 0 and 1 , also known as the OSPAR OCNS Gold Band (lowest hazard).

OSPAR is the mechanism by which 15 Governments and the EU cooperate to protect the marine environment of the North-East Atlantic. To reduce the overall impact of offshore chemicals on the marine environment, OSPAR has adopted a harmonized mandatory control system (HMCS) for use and reduction of discharges of offshore chemicals by the offshore oil and gas industry. This system promotes the shift towards the use of less hazardous or preferably non-hazardous substances. The OCNS Team at Cefas registers chemicals used in offshore oil and gas applications for use in the UK and Netherlands waters.

More information may be found on The Definitive Ranked Lists of Registered Products on the OCNS section of the Cefas website (https://www.cefas.co.uk/data-and-publications/ocns/).