Surfactant Irritation Potential Study

As modern consumers continue to seek new and improved ways to optimize their cleansing routines, one trend stands out over others: the need for more gentle cleansing. And as animal testing for irritation has been replaced by a wide array of in-vitro tests, each with its own result scale and inherent challenges, it has become difficult to compare results across a broad array of products. Vegan-compliant lab scale zein testing has been conducted on over 60 individual surfactant ingredients and commercial cleansing products, covering traditional chemistry as well as new innovations in all major surfactant types: anionic, cationic, amphoteric, and nonionic.

The results of this work were presented as a scientific poster by Dennis Abbeduto at the SCC 76th Annual Scientific Meeting & Showcase in 2022. A brochure version of this poster is available here.