USDA BioPreferred® Program

The products listed below contain percentages of USDA certified biobased content via the USDA BioPreferred® Program.

usda certification

Biobased content is calculated using the ratio of “new” organic carbon (plant or agricultural-based) to total organic carbon (“new” organic carbon + “old” or fossil fuel-based organic carbon). The test method ASTM D6866 is used to quantify this value. Inorganic carbon and water are excluded.

USDA’s BioPreferred® Program was first introduced in the 2002 Farm Bill with the goal of increasing the development, purchase, and use of biobased products. It requires federal agencies and contractors to give purchasing preference to biobased products. For over a decade, Colonial Chemical has promoted the use of the USDA BioPreferred® program and is recognized as a BioPreferred Program Champion by the USDA. For more information regarding this USDA BioPreferred® guideline, visit the USDA BioPreferred website here.

Colonial Chemical Product NameUSDA Biobased Value
Cola®Det 4x Ultra Concentrate98
Cola®Det COCO97
Cola®Det KC-40100
Cola®Fax CPE 100
Cola®Fax CPE-K100
Cola®Fax CPE MB100
Cola®Fax CPE-K MB100
Cola®Lac SLB97
Cola®Lipid C80
Cola®Lipid GS91
Cola®Lipid SAFL92
Cola®Lipid T-C80
Cola®Mate LA-4076
Cola®Mate SMCT-4090
Cola®Mulse 3GO100
Cola®Quat DSD90
Cola®Quat PDQ90
Cola®Teric 12HS MB90
Cola®Teric CAHS81
Cola®Teric CBS76
Cola®Teric CBS-HP75
Cola®Teric CDS872
Cola®Teric COAB65
Cola®Teric HBS87
Cola®Teric LAHS83
Cola®Teric LHS87
Cola®Trope CA100
Cola®Trope OD100
Colonial BetaNat100
Colonial Monolaurin100
Colonial Monolaurin MB100
Colonial SCS Needles100
Poly Suga®Glycinate C67
Poly Suga®Glycinate L68
Poly Suga®Mulse D697
Poly Suga®Mulse D9100
Poly Suga®Nate 160P NC100
Poly Suga®Quat S-1210P88
Suga®Boost 03095
Suga®Boost 050100
Suga®Boost 07099
Suga®Boost 080100
Suga®Boost 09097
Suga®Citrate L1C100
Suga®Det LSDG86
Suga®Det LSDG MB86
Suga®Det LSLG MB87
Suga®Fax D10NC100
Suga®Mate LM-3090
Suga®Nate 100NC97
Suga®Nate 160NC100