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Natural Argan Oil Body Lotion (Silicone, Paraben, EO & PO-Free)

No. 3003

This argan oil body lotion formulation features natural emulsifiers Poly Suga®Mulse D6 along with Cola®Fax CPE-K MB along with all-natural emollients and moisturizers to give outstanding moisturization and a luxurious, non-greasy feel.


OrderINCI NameTrade NamePercentFunction
AWaterWaterqs to 100.00
ACetyl HydroxyethylcelluloseNatrosol® Plus 330 CS ¹0.25
ASorbitan Oleate Decylglucoside CrosspolymerPoly Suga®Mulse D64.00
APotassium Cetyl PhosphateCola®Fax CPE-K MB1.00
BEthylhexyl PalmitateHallStar® OP ²3.00
BIsopropyl PalmitateHallStar® IPP-NF ²6.00
BArgania Spinosa Kernel (Argan) OilArgan Oil RBD ³3.00
BCetyl AlcoholLanette® 16 ⁴4.00
CCoco-CaprylateCetiol® C 5 ⁴2.50
CMethylisothiazolinone and Ethylhexylglycerin and AquaEuxyl® K220 ⁵0.07
CFragranceWhite Lily ⁶0.10


  1. In primary vessel, combine Water and Cetyl Hydroxyethylcellulose. Hydrate according to manufacturer instructions.
  2. Add remaining phase A ingredients. Heat to 70°C.
  3. In a side vessel, combine phase B ingredients. Heat to 70°C.
  4. Once both phases are homogeneous and at temperature, add B to A slowly with good mixing.
  5. Slowly cool to 50°C and add phase C ingredients.
  6. Homogenize and fill containers.


Appearance: Opaque
pH: 6.0
Viscosity: 50,000 cP


1Ashland, 2HallStar, 3Charkit, 4BASF, 5Schülke & Mayr, 6Belle-Aire Fragrances

This formulation is intended for use as a generic starting formula and may be modified as needed. This formulation is for developmental use only. Not intended for resale.