Colonial Chemical Technical Webinar Series

Colonial Chemical periodically hosts seminars in webinar format of specific chemistries or techniques based on the expertise of the presenters. Listed below are dates and links to recordings and presentation files (in PDF format) made during Colonial Chemical’s Technical Webinars.  (NOTE: To hear and view the complete webinar in video format, you will be required to register on the hosted site for each of the videos.)

Personal Care Webinars

Webinar TitlePresenterDateLink to VideoPresentation
Surfactants: Myths and MythconceptionsDennis AbbedutoNovember 29, 2023LinkPDF
New Surfactant Solutions, September 2023Dennis AbbedutoSeptember 7, 2023LinkPDF
Innovative Ingredients for Oral Care ProductsDennis AbbedutoDecember 8, 2022LinkPDF
Sustainable New Products for Personal CareDennis AbbedutoJune 2, 2022LinkPDF
Sustainable New Products for Personal Care Dennis AbbedutoSeptember 23, 2021LinkPDF
EPA Award-Winning Green SurfactantsDennis Abbeduto & Andy SunJuly 22, 2021LinkPDF
Water-less and Low-Water FormulationsDennis AbbedutoApril 29, 2021LinkPDF
New Product Launches (Low Color Alternative, Powdered Surfactants and more! )Dennis AbbedutoNovember 18, 2020LinkPDF
Surfactants: Meeting Today’s Market NeedsDennis AbbedutoSeptember 23, 2020LinkPDF
Introducing Suga®CitrateDennis AbbedutoAugust 25, 2020LinkPDF
Reducing Irritation in Rinse-Off CleansersDennis AbbedutoJune 25, 2020LinkPDF
The Other Side of Fear: Balancing the Misinformation EquationDennis AbbedutoJune 11, 2020LinkPDF
Formulating Sulfate-FreeDennis AbbedutoMay 28, 2020LinkPDF
Formulating Dioxane FreeDennis AbbedutoMay 21, 2020LinkPDF
Alternate Preservation TechnologiesDennis AbbedutoMay 14, 2020LinkPDF
Salt-Free Surfactants for Personal CareDennis AbbedutoMay 7, 2020LinkPDF
Personal Care Surfactants 101Dennis AbbedutoApr 30, 2020LinkPDF
Personal Care HumectantsDennis AbbedutoApr 23, 2020LinkPDF
Three New Sultaine Amphoteric Surfactants for Personal CareDennis AbbedutoApr 9, 2020LinkPDF
Hand Soaps and Sanitizers with Dennis and MollyDennis AbbedutoMar 30, 2020LinkPDF

HI&I, Vehicle Care, Oilfield and Emulsion Polymerization Products Webinars

Webinar TitlePresenterDateLink to VideoPresentation
New Suga®Boost With China ComplianceAndy SunAug 16, 2023LinkPDF
New Graphene and Ceramic Sealants for Automatic CarwashAndy SunFeb 14, 2023LinkPDF
Sustainable Surfactants for Emulsion PolymerizationAndy Sun and Kathie HacekOct 6, 2022LinkPDF
EPA Award-Winning Green Surfactants Dennis Abbeduto & Andy Sun July 22, 2021 Link PDF
Cola®Dry CR-502 A One-For-All Ceramic SealantAndy SunJan 21, 2021LinkPDF
Alkylphenol Ethoxylate-Free, EO-Free Emulsifiers for Emulsion PolymerizationAndy Sun and Garret BryantJuly 29, 2020LinkPDF
Car Wash 101Andy SunJuly 15, 2020LinkPDF
Naturally-Derived EO-Free Surfactants For Industrial DegreasingAndy SunJune 24, 2020LinkPDF
Friction Reduction in Salt Water-Based DrillingAndy SunMay 19, 2020LinkPDF
Choosing Hydrotropes for HI&I CleaningAndy SunMay 12, 2020LinkPDF
Getting over the Gimmick in “Ceramic” in Automatic Car WashesAndy SunMay 05, 2020LinkPDF
Low Foam and & Streak-Free CleaningAndy SunApr 28, 2020LinkPDF
Acid Thickening in HI&I ApplicationsAndy SunApr 21, 2020LinkPDF
Optimize Drying in Car Washes without Trial & ErrorAndy SunApr 20, 2020LinkPDF
Suga®Boost Series of Naturally Derived Performance SurfactantsAndy SunApri 1, 2020LinkPDF

Metalworking and Lubrication Products Webinars

Webinar TitlePresenterDateLink to VideoPresentation
Cola®Cor 186: A Novel, Potent Carboxylic Acid For Corrosion ProtectionSteven TangAug 23, 2023LinkPDF
Formulating Semi-Synthetic Metalworking FluidsSteven TangMarch 16, 2023LinkPDF
Cola®Cor KAT: New Multi-Metal Corrosion ProtectionSteven TangJan 18, 2023LinkPDF
Cola®Carb OXC: New Long-Chain Ether Carboxylate EmulsifierSteven TangJune 1, 2022LinkPDF
Low Foaming Oleth-2 Carboxylic Acid Cola®Carb O2C IntroductionSteven TangSeptember 9, 2021LinkPDF
High-performance Corrosion Inhibitors for Aluminum and Its AlloysSteven TangJune 23, 2021LinkPDF
Ether Carboxylates: Cola®Carb M7CSteven TangMay 13, 2021LinkPDF
Amine-Carboxylate Based Corrosion InhibitorsSteven TangOctober 21, 2020LinkPDF
Phosphate Esters for Industrial LubricantsSteven TangMay 13, 2020LinkPDF
Amine Borate Corrosion InhibitorsSteven TangMay 06, 2020LinkPDF
Imidazoline-based Corrosion InhibitorsSteven TangApr 29, 2020LinkPDF
Amine Carboxylate Corrosion InhibitorsSteven TangApr 1, 2020LinkPDF