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Natural Economy Hand Soap

No. 4014

This Natural Economy Hand Soap formulation features Cola®Det KC-40 and Cola®Teric CBS – preservative-free ingredients – for an eco-friendly, cost saving hand wash.

This formulation is developed with ingredients that meet Whole Foods Premium Body Care standards.


OrderINCI NameTrade NamePercentFunction
1WaterWaterqs to 100.00
2Potassium CocoateCola®Det KC-4035.00
3Cocamidopropyl HydroxysultaineCola®Teric CBS10.00
4Sodium Cocoyl IsethionatePureact I-85EC ¹5.00
5Fragrance, PreservativeFragrance, Preservativeqs
6Sodium ChlorideSodium Chlorideqs


  1. Combine ingredients 1-3 with adequate mixing between additions.
  2. Heat to 60-65°C.
  3. Add ingredient 4 and mix until completely dissolved.
  4. Cool to 45°C. Adjust pH to 8.5.
  5. Add fragrance and preservative as required.
  6. Add sodium chloride to desired viscosity.


Appearance: Clear Liquid
pH: 8.5
Viscosity: 6,000 cps @ 3.5% Sodium Chloride



This formulation is intended for use as a generic starting formula and may be modified as needed. This formulation is for developmental use only. Not intended for resale.